Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our new baby boy -kitten

We added a new family member this past Saturday. After a drawing from the hat, Adelle's name of Shoeshine was chosen for our little kitten. He is black with green eyes and about eight weeks old. We are loving him and we are pretty sure he loves us!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It was a fabulous day!! It was Easter and we spent time as a family, ate and relaxed!! The morning started with the girls finding the eggs and baskets. Then a breakfast of cinnamon rolls (yum!). After spending the better part of the day relaxing and then cooking lunch we finally ate at 3pm. I was very proud of myself. It has been a while since I have had to make a full holiday meal. We have spent almost all of our holiday's at Grandma's house over the years. I have basically been the "assistant" in the kitchen. So on my own I managed to make ham, homemade scalloped potatoes (a huge accomplishment for me, because they weren't out of a box), green bean casserole, hard boiled eggs, and biscuits. After our tummy's were full and the kitchen was clean we did my favorite Easter activity, the "Resurrection Eggs". These are twelve plastic eggs filled with things about Christ's last days and resurrection. It is always a good activity for the kids to understand the holiday and why we celebrate it. I want so much for them to remember the importance of being like Jesus - kind, loving and good. I hope that today was a good reminder of that. I know it was good for me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Kirsty about the eggs

Kirsty, my friend at Momedy, found here, has been a huge supporter of my blog entries, as well as my sister in law Aimee found here, . So, I managed to think of something to share today and will try harder to post more often than not at all.

Today I decided was time to stuff the Easter eggs. I first had to figure out how to get into the attic where said eggs are put away until needed. Our garage is in complete disarray because of the supposed bathroom we are having put in. This entails the attic ladder no longer being in place so I had to locate a ladder to use to climb up there. Once in the attic I found the eggs, but then managed to hit my head on the beams. They are low and it is pretty dark up there. I got the eggs down without falling off the ladder and took them with me to my rehearsal tonight to have college students help fill. We made quick work of filling 120 eggs a job that would usually take me about an hour and a half. I was so pleased to have this job done. I then went into the basement where I hid the prefilled baskets I had purchased last year on sale 85% off. I normally never buy prefilled baskets because the prices are so ridiculous that I know I could fill baskets for so much less and have much more in them. This not being the case at 85% off I got them, hid them and then waited to get them out until now. I did forget however that I had also bought pre-filled eggs with candy that would last through to this year. Also on insane sale at about 25 cents a bag for 20 filled eggs per bag. I realized I had purchased 120 eggs. So now I have a total of almost 250 eggs all of which I will most certainly not use. But the fact that I climbed into the attic, bumped my head and filled all those eggs to find that I didn't need to was a bit well, upsetting, but not to the point of angering, just bothersome. We have so many eggs now, that I am trying to figure out how to rid myself of all these candy filled eggs. My thought is give some to Adelle's school for their party, some to the church activity, and some to the neighbors having a hunt. That should take the eggs back down to a manageable number. I mean the first 120 were going to help with all that so everyone gets extra eggs this year. Hooray for me being prepared and getting good sales, now I just need to remember when I do, to avoid this situation next year.

To Write or Not to Write

As all of my loyal readers have noticed, my writing on my blog has become practically non existant. I have no good excuse because as we all know there are people a lot more and a lot less busy than me that some how manage to put out daily blogs about their life happenings. I have found that I run into writers/life block. I know I would like to take some time to sit and put something down, but I don't know what it should be. Then if I do decide what it is I may not want it to be something the entire world would read. (my private thoughts and meanderings). I worry that sometimes what I really want to say will hurt peoples feelings or make them upset, or sometimes what I say will just bore people out of their own brains (like right now). I think this is therefore my official hiatus from writing blogs for now. The best place to find me is FaceBook and that is just for a one sentence update every few days. Thanks for your reading and support, maybe one of these days I will take this hobby up again....maybe.